Peony Coral Charm 1Peony Coral Charm 2Peony Coral Charm 3
Peony Coral Charm
size: Height 310 mm Width 380 mm

I have always loved painting Peonies. When I received this commission to paint the Peony "Coral Charm" I was delighted, however, initially I did not realise the complexity of the project. Once in possession of 10 magnificent blooms, I was able to watch their development as they began to go from luminous bud to faded flower. At first the bud is a deep, bright pink. As the flower opens the hot pink begins to fade into blushes of pink and apricot until finally the flower is almost ivory in colour at the end of its life. Through all these stages, it was quite beautiful. I chose to paint "Coral Charm" during the intermittent stage of development as I wanted to catch the end of its pink/apricot stage and the beginning of its translucent period as the fading truly began.

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